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Bodyliscious Band Training Guide - Italian Version


BODYLISCIOUS BAND TRAINIG GUIDE * is an ebook designed for busy women, but with huge selfcare and awareness of how health and physical activity is important in our lives, for influencers and travelers who, being around, do not want to give up daily training and for everybody who would like to stay in perfect shape using easy and effective workouts anywhere and anytime (at home, in hotel room, at the gym, in the park or on the beach...)


It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or working out is second nature for you, this guide can help you reach your next fitness goals and feel the confidence you deserve. This program involves strength training to build lean muscle mass and help burn fat.


Workouts are scheduled 3 days a week for 4 weeks and are designed to bring about quick changes. To see results using this training guide I suggest to combine these workouts with healthy well-balanced eating. Once you finish the program you can restart it from the beginning but this time try to using heavier bands.


This will challenge you again. You will notice I have included some exercises multiple times throughout this 4 weeks training. These are all my favorite exercises that I do often and I think are so effective and beneficial.

Have a sweat and fun with Bodyliscious Band Training !

* Bodyliscious Band Training Guide  DOES NOT INCLUDE Bodyliscious Booty Bands 

Bodyliscious Band Training Guide - Italian Version

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