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Bodyliscious Booty Bands Set

With BODYLISCIOUS Booty Bands you will have a mini gym at home. With BODYLISCIOUS bands the gym is always with you, so you can train your whole body easily and quickly at your home or wherever you are, not loosing any more precious time to prepare yourself, leave home and go to the gym.


In the BODYLISCIOUS set are included:

- 5 booty bands (fit for dozens of different levels of exercises)

- 1 gift box (ideal for a present)

- 1 carry mesh bag (to carry easily with you) 

- 1 mini training guide (downloadable by link after the purchase)

The BODYLISCIOUS set consists of 5 professional resistance bands with dimensions of 30 cm for 5 cm and 5 different thicknesses which means 5 different resistance levels.


EXTRA-LIGHT : white band

LIGHT : pastel blue band

MEDIUM : pastel pink band

HEAVY : gold band

EXTRA-HEAVY : black band

BODYLISCIOUS Booty Bands are suitable for different types of training and you will be able to train easily all the muscles of your body.

BODYLISCIOUS Booty Bands have unique colors and design, different from all the existing products you can find on Amazon, shops online or traditional stores. ​With BODYLISCIOUS Booty Bands, you will be able to finally have fitness accessories that look as good as your outfit.

BODYLISCIOUS Booty Bands are made with the best quality natural and ecological latex available on the market. They are totally no-toxic and, unlike almost all other fitness bands, do not contain thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

€ 24,99

Bodyliscious Booty Bands Set

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